TBA21 presenting art installation at Science March Vienna

The Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary foundation will be part of Vienna Science March on April 22 and present a unique art installation: Ernesto Neto’s “Jiboia” will march through Vienna’s City center with us.

An art installation uniting people: Ernesto Neto’s Jiboia

The Jiboia – boa constrictor in Portuguese – is a special kind of art work: an open-form, multi-performer, snake-like wearable net, which first performed during the Global Climate March in Vienna in 2015. Ernesto Neto’s idea is uniting people, as everyone participating in this art installation and wearing the net becomes part of the Jiboia, regardless of his or her background. Neto’s timely work is a manifestation of the idea that even the seemingly insignificant actions of one can affect the whole. Neto envisions art as an an opportunity to immerse the senses, and an ephemeral journey towards self-enlightenment, in this sense we invite everyone to be part of it!

Ernesto Neto’s Jiboia at the Climate March in December 2015.

Fotos: TBA21

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