Dinosaurs are coming!

Naturhistorisches Museum Wien will send a very special representative to attend Science March Vienna on Saturday, April 22: a walking Allosaurus! Our special guest from the late jurassic epoch is still in quite good shape for his 150 million years. He owes his mobility to a member of Naturhistorisches Museum Wien, who will carry this huge dino-costume to ensure an extraordinary atmosphere at the final event in front of NHM Wien at Maria-Theresien-Platz, from 16.00 until 16.30.

General director of NHM Wien, Christian Köberl, is explicitly supporting Science March: “This event is an important statement on the relevance of science and the integrity of scientists. It is even more important emphasizing the significance of science for humanity, as in many countries scientific data and research findings are repressed as well as misrepresented on purpose due to political reasons. Also, harassment of scientists is reality in some countries.” To him, science is no a luxury good, but necessary every day: “Actually, people do use outcomes of scientific findings daily in their everyday life. Therefore facts – inconvenient ones, too – may not be exposed to political or economical pressure and despotism. We may not just choose facts and date.”

More details to be found in the press release of NHM Wien (in German).

Fotos: NHM Wien, Kurt Kracher

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