The Love Parade of Science

In early March, there was a Facebook-page and some good ideas. On April 22, we became part of a worldwide movement with more than 500 Marches for Science: Approximately 3000 participants marched through Vienna’s City center and made their position clear: „Science, not Silence“; see the excellent report by the Austrian Press Agency APA. (in German)

The event was as manifold as science is: A Science Picnic with fascinating contributions by the ScienceCenter Netzwerk and Bernhard Weingartner with his Physikmobil, a march directly through the center of Vienna, passing Stephansdom and walking through the Hofburg up to the Museum of Natural History, a walking Allosaurus, speakers, the choir Gegenstimmen and the registration desk for the stem cell donor database of the Medical University Vienna  – a fascinating mixture of engagement, fun and enlightenment, aka: the Love Parade of science. Continue reading “The Love Parade of Science”

Our video of Science March Vienna!

We proudly present: Some of the most important moments of March for Science Vienna! There was science everywhere, starting from Science Picnic in Sigmund-Freud-Park, through Vienna’s City center, up to the final event on Maria-Theresien-Platz. Enjoy our composition of important statements on stage, funny experiments in the park and loud scientists in the streets:

Always remember: Science, not silence!

Oliver Lehmann

Head of Organization team Oliver Lehmann at the final event in front of NHM Vienna

Vor sechs Wochen gab es eine Facebook-Seite und ein paar gute Ideen. Heute sind wir Teil einer weltweiten Bewegung von mehr als 500 Marches for Science am heutigen Tag.

Ich will einigen Leuten danken, ohne die das nicht möglich gewesen wäre:

Dem Gründungsteam rund um Olivia Fischer und Robin Gleeson!

Dem Organisationsteam mit Petra Eckhart, Katharina Tyran, Emilie Kleinszig, Claudia Spitz und Thomas Pani!

Christian Köberl für das Naturhistorische Museum und Reinhold Sahl für die Burghauptmannschaft für diesen Veranstaltungsort!

Den Gegenstimmen für ihre Chor-Einlagen! Continue reading “Oliver Lehmann”

Catherine McKenzie

Catherine McKenzie, PhD-student at IST Austria, at the final rally in front of NHM Vienna

Thank you so much to Oliver Lehmann and the entire organizing committee for the opportunity to share with you why the march for science is important and important to me.

I am from a very small state in the USA called Vermont, Bernie Sanders whom some of you might know was my neighbor and my mayor right about the time I was beginning to pay attention to the world outside my backyard and that may give you a idea of the community I was raised in.   My parents taught me, among other things to always think for myself and to love and respect and have curiosity for the natural world. These are some of the most memorable things they instilled in me and they shape the lens in which I view the world. Continue reading “Catherine McKenzie”

On the trails of science

When marching for Science in Vienna this Saturday, participants will walk along a route full of scientifically relevant places in Vienna’s City center. During our preparations of this event we developed the idea, identifying and tracing spots, buildings, streets and places related to science and research. Thanks to the great work of Monica LoCascio and Federica Comoglio, we may present first outcomes on this interactive map, which will be completed with further relevant information also after the March. If you do have any comments, additional information or corrections, feel free to contact us via

What and where are the scientific traces and spots to discover during Science March? Continue reading “On the trails of science”

Dinosaurs are coming!

Naturhistorisches Museum Wien will send a very special representative to attend Science March Vienna on Saturday, April 22: a walking Allosaurus! Our special guest from the late jurassic epoch is still in quite good shape for his 150 million years. He owes his mobility to a member of Naturhistorisches Museum Wien, who will carry this huge dino-costume to ensure an extraordinary atmosphere at the final event in front of NHM Wien at Maria-Theresien-Platz, from 16.00 until 16.30. Continue reading “Dinosaurs are coming!”

„Vienna March for Science ready for demonstration“

Press statement

Two days prior to the Vienna March for Science on April 22, 2017 – one of 500 marches worldwide on this day – the organization team presented a prognosis on the number of participants, the program and speakers.

“Together for science”: Hundreds of people may follow this call of the Vienna March for Science – as one of over 500 marches worldwide on that day – on next Saturday into the Viennese City center. “Since middle of march, we registered around 150.000 contacts in social media and on our homepage. Additionally, we expect delegations from the federal provinces and from the General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union, which will start a day later in Vienna with 12.000 participants”, said Head of the organization team, Oliver Lehmann. With a strong support of almost all Austrian universities, research institutions, with the universities of applied sciences and teacher training colleges, with the Austrian students representative council as well as science-affine networks, the March swiftly became together with it’s goals a topic of public awareness. Continue reading “„Vienna March for Science ready for demonstration“”

Want to become a stem cell donor?

Initiators Dr. Stephen and Jennifer Crotty

Visitors of the Science March Vienna will have the opportunity not only to march for science but also to help fighting Leukemia: There will be a booth in front of the Naturhistorisches Museum  between 16:00 and  17:00 open for all persons, who want to become stem cell donors and register for the Stammzellspender-Datei of Vienna Medical University. Only a signature on the consent form and a buccal (cheek) swab are necessary, if a person wants to become a stem cell donor and maybe save someone’s life. Age and weight limits are: 18 – 45 years; Ladies: 55 – 100 kg; Gentlemen: 60 – 110 kg. Continue reading “Want to become a stem cell donor?”