TBA21 presenting art installation at Science March Vienna

The Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary foundation will be part of Vienna Science March on April 22 and present a unique art installation: Ernesto Neto’s “Jiboia” will march through Vienna’s City center with us.

An art installation uniting people: Ernesto Neto’s Jiboia

The Jiboia – boa constrictor in Portuguese – is a special kind of art work: an open-form, multi-performer, snake-like wearable net, which first performed during the Global Climate March in Vienna in 2015. Ernesto Neto’s idea is uniting people, as everyone participating in this art installation and wearing the net becomes part of the Jiboia, regardless of his or her background. Neto’s timely work is a manifestation of the idea that even the seemingly insignificant actions of one can affect the whole. Neto envisions art as an an opportunity to immerse the senses, and an ephemeral journey towards self-enlightenment, in this sense we invite everyone to be part of it!

Ernesto Neto’s Jiboia at the Climate March in December 2015.

Fotos: TBA21

“Formula 1+2”

How can we get a crowd of people interested in marching for science? A long-since scientifically proven way of solving problems is, of course, to create a formula. Science March Vienna’s chosen method is called “Formula 2+1”, and it was invented by Helga Nowotny who was the first to sign up as a supporter of the march:

Every scientist attending the March should invite two people who are not involved in academia to join them. “With this we symbolize how strong science is rooted in everyday life”, says Nowotny.

Dear scientist, make up your mind who will you bring along on Saturday to  join you!


Poster for printout

You want to promote the Vienna March for Science at your university, instiution, school or company? Don’t look any further. For the maximum size of DIN A4 click on the picture,  download the .jpg file to your computer and  print it.  A photo as evidence to  team@sciencemarchvienna.at would be great.

Klement Tockner: For freedom in science

“Independent and knowledge-based science is essential for an open-minded civil society – as well as freedom of the press or open access to information and data.

Science is based on verifiable facts and well justified arguments. It is not a matter of faith. Following this principle, contradictory statements and actions of single ones or groups around the world are highly perturbing. Such a ‘post-truth society’ predicating decisions only on mood, notions or even obvious lies is questioning major political, societal, cultural, technical and economic achievements of the last centuries. Substantial guarantor for such accomplishments has been and remains a free and independent science together with a critical and evidence-based reflectivity.

Therefore, the ‘March for Science’ on April 22 is such an important initiative. Together we have to submit a message all over the world for a free and independent science deserving a central role not to be denied. ”

Klement Tockner, president of the Austrian Science Fund FWF.

Photo: FWF / Lusser


Young Academy of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

We are happy to announce a further supporter of the Vienna Science March: Today, the Young Academy of the Austrian Academy of Sciences signed in. Comprised of excellent junior researchers from all disciplines, the Young Academy also strengthens innovative research, optimizes research conditions and promotes young scientists.

The Board of Directors of the Young Academy of the OEAW  (Julia Budka, Christian Hellmich, Barbara Kraus, Kristin Tessmar-Raible, Marie-Therese Wolfram) stated:

“To us, the prevailing critical, questioning and ‘rational’ position regarding various assumptions and opinions, as seen in an (ideal) scientific community, are valuable in terms of a functioning democracy and a cohesive society. Therefore, we gladly support this initiative.”

Eva Blimlinger: Science concerns everyone

In article 17 of the Austrian constitutional law of 1867 it says that “Science and education are free.” The freedom of science means that those who conduct science are free to choose their research questions and their methods. The results of scientific and artistic research shall significantly contribute to wealth and a better life for all people. Here many tasks yet await many scientists worldwide, because there still exist too great a lack of freedom, and inequality in society. The currently rampant, targeted distortion and the ideological abuse of scientific results not only threaten the freedom of science, but also, and particularly, the foundations of democracy, and are harbingers of totalitarian systems. Science concerns everyone: Join the Vienna March for Science on Saturday, April 22, 2017 at 1pm at Sigmund-Freud-Park.

Eva Blimlinger is rector of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Photo: Yasmina Haddad

March for Science Norway shows high creativity

Norway shows how cool support may look like: On the occasion of March for Science various artists produced an original song for this event. „Shoulders of Giants“ may already now be found on Youtube, and on April 22, Norwegian and international musicians will present it in Oslo live on stage.

The song was composed by Kevin Steinman, an American literary scientist based at Oslo University. With this, he combined his passion for science and music and gathered together numerous musicians not only famous in Norway, but also internationally. In „Shoulders of Giants“ we may hear the great singer and multi-instrumentalist,  Spellemannprisen-nominee Hanne Kolstø, the singer-songwriter Mads With, pop songstress Kristine Hovda (a.k.a. Some Feather) as well as Grammy-nominated composer and producer Andy Thompson together with many more.

If you now feel inspired and want to support March for Science Vienna with creative ideas, follow our open call “Science in arts”. We are looking forward to your contributions!

18.4.: “Marie Curie” charity screening at Admiralkino

The life of amazing Marie Curie on screen – exclusively and as a sign of “Thank you” for our supporters: Vienna March for Science presents the movie “Marie Curie” (D/PL/F 2016) in cooperation with Admiral-Kino and Filmladen on Tuesday, April 18, 19.00, at Admiral-Kino (Burggasse 119, 1070 Vienna). Everyone who registered as a supporter on http://www.sciencemarchvienna.at/en/supporters/  until Easter Monday, April 17, will be entered into a ticket draw for 40×2 tickets for this charity screening.

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